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With ALTITUDE MEDIA you can speak to the right audience for your brand, business or product.

ALTITUDE MEDIA has experience with this specialised area of communications which is all about supporting companies to raise their profiles, build, grow and drive their business. This enables us to tell the right stories and reach the right investor audience so that companies can maximise shareholder value and be better positioned for market success.

With Investor Relations it is vital to work closely with the company at all times within the regulations set out by stock exchanges such as the ASX and with industry bodies such as ASIC. We have a through understanding of these regulations and in this regard we can assist companies to refine their key messages and unique business proposition.

Altitude Media - Investor Relations

A key point of difference for our IR service is being able to work within these strict guidelines yet also to tell a company’s story in an easy-to-read and inviting manner so that it stands out from the others in a very crowded space. We help companies say what they want to say, make sure they say it properly and effectively and reach who they want to reach.

We can draft and edit announcements as well as quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports, we can develop and edit investor presentations, and assist with presentations to stockbrokers and analysts.

Another important aspect of IR is forming relationships and connections with the right influencers and we have extensive networks to enable companies to do this via traditional methods such as conferences, forums or workshops and via modern digital means such as webinars and through social media channels.

Some clients we work with

ALTITUDE MEDIA services a diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors from retail, small, medium and large corporates, professional service companies, shopping centres, mining companies, construction companies and national and international manufacturers.

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Do you need to tell your story in a way that meets ASX guidelines and reach the right investor audience to maximise shareholder value, then call or email us now.

“Vanture International set up a joint venture with Yolanda Torrisi to grow its mining equipment procurement endeavours across Australia, the Americas and Africa. Her communication skills and ability to network to find new business has been phenomenal in growing our business year on year.”

Zhiping Gu

Vanture International Managing Director

Yolanda Torrisi - Altitude Media
Yolanda Torrisi
Principal Consultant
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