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We provide the tools and talents to empower you to create your own strategic PR campaigns

Developing the right strategy for each client, small, medium or large, is about sitting down with each key member of the client team, from decision-makers to those further along the chain who can think outside the square or who want to be involved. After assessing what makes the business tick, including the client’s strengths and points of difference, workshopping what it is they are seeking in terms of PR and what they are trying to achieve as a business – we can then work jointly to develop a cost effective, creative, specially tailored strategy so that the final way forward is your strategy, not ours.

Altitude Media - Strategy Development

We then work closely with the client at all stages of the strategy and are flexible enough to make adjustments as the program progresses to achieve better outcomes.

The intention of each strategy is to build visibility and establish credibility, thereby empowering each client to get their message seen, heard and felt so the target market is moved, which leads to business growth.

At ALTITUDE MEDIA, we will help clients to evaluate their brand, messages and public perception to assist them in achieving long-term business goals. We develop ideas, media plans and advise clients on how to use traditional as well as new and emerging media channels to engage with audiences.

To do this we determine:

Who are we talking to – who is the intended audience?

What are we talking about – how do we develop a compelling story?

When should we talk to them – it is a good time for the target market, are they listening?

Where are they and through what channels are we talking to them – written media, visual media, social channels, events?

Why are we talking to them – what is the value proposition we can offer them?

Some clients we work with

ALTITUDE MEDIA services a diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors from retail, small, medium and large corporates, professional service companies, shopping centres, mining companies, construction companies and national and international manufacturers.

Let’s make things happen

You are just one phone call or email away from starting an effective communication campaign. We are here to give you the tools to be successful.

“Yolanda Torrisi’s excellent writing skills and relationships with media organisations and journalists has allowed the suite of Parke Corporation companies to become the leading knowledge source for media interviews and be published in various publications on legal topics such as commercial, business, human resources, property, conveyancing and wills and estates matters.”

Jim Parke

Parke Corporation Managing Director

Yolanda Torrisi - Altitude Media
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