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Written, visual and audio content that encourages people to share, comment and feel something is very powerful and valuable to each brand.

Using our years of wordsmithing experience in diverse fields, we create content that will cut through the ever-increasing clutter and not only reach the target audience but engage them and get them thinking and talking.

While traditional forms of media such as print, radio and television are still very important, the effect that the internet has had in terms of where and how people consume information has radically changed the game. We are able to bridge this gap and get the client’s message across in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and creative yet engaging manner, whatever the form of media that best suits each businesses and the target audience.

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Media relations is also an important aspect of getting the message across and we assist in developing meaningful relations with those creating and developing powerful influence. By creating careful, interesting and engaging newsworthy content that we know our extensive network of media contacts is seeking, we assist clients to hit the right notes with their message thereby endorsing and validating their brand and their story.

Whether it be digital or traditional means, media relations is about developing relationships with the right media outlets and earning coverage that basically works as an unpaid advertisement. Studies show that reading news about a company is much more influential to consumers than seeing or hearing an ad. Having an effective media relations strategy in place goes a long way towards building credibility with a target audience.

We empower clients to get their key messages across in a comfortable and engaging way by helping them to create interesting and newsworthy conversations. Part of this process is providing clients with a template and a guide on how to write a newsworthy press release. We also help clients to understand how journalists work and what they need to create a successful story as well as providing some practical do’s and don’ts so that they are completely prepared.

Some clients we work with

ALTITUDE MEDIA services a diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors from retail, small, medium and large corporates, professional service companies, shopping centres, mining companies, construction companies and national and international manufacturers.

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Do you need content created and written that will cut through the ever-increasing clutter? Content that reaches the target audience and also engages them to get them thinking and talking about you for all the right reasons? Then call or email us now.

“Yolanda and her team are agile, dynamic and entrepeneurial delivering communication outcomes that give your company a public relations edge across all media platforms.”

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Journalist, Historian and Author

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