We want your business to succeed

Everything that you say and do as a brand or business in whatever media in which it is observed, read or heard is public relations and at ALTITUDE MEDIA we are all about making sure this works to grow your business.

Specialists in the industry.

We understand your business

We make it our business to know your business so that we can use our industry-specialist expertise to tell your unique story.

Whether it’s engaging major enterprise, small-to-medium sized businesses, local communities, self-run operations or individuals, all our clients appreciate how we combine logic and expertise to weave magic and we build a smart, and personalised campaign that is right for your business and company.

Strategic advice and tailoring communications to deliver the right message

ALTITUDE MEDIA is a fully integrated PR service that allows us to deliver effective messages to reach your target market. This combines traditional communication methods with the use of modern digital services, such as social media, all aimed at reaching the people your business needs to reach and not wasting money and time trying to access people who will never be interested in what the business has to offer.

As an independent provider, we are not beholding to anyone else but you and devote all relevant methods and contacts to get your message to the right market.


Proactive and reactive media, preparing press releases, websites, speeches and social media – reaching the right audience with communication has never been more challenging in a fast-moving media landscape. A communications strategy must align closely with the business strategy and must be aimed at reaching the target audience.

Using our ‘wordsmithing’ expertise and various newspaper, magazine, radio, brochure, website and social media experience, we are able to bridge corporate, internal, stakeholder and customer communication to deliver a smart, relevant and new-age message which can strongly influence each client’s commercial success.

Video production

By producing corporate and educational videos we can help your business find its voice and meet the ever-evolving needs of a digital world. Video has an increasingly important role to play in PR and by working closely with you and incorporating our expertise along with state-of-the-art production methods, the team at Altitude Media helps to define your business narrative and put you on the front foot.

We are able to inject strategic and creative thinking into a modern, visual way of communicating and deliver a message that is both memorable and effective.

Among the videos we have produced are:

Roadside Services and Solutions

Care Park

Fully integrated PR Agency

We develop ideas, media plans and advise clients on how to use traditional and new media channels to engage with audiences. We also have strong and widespread media contacts across Australia – from industry-specific to various business media and mainstream outlets. We can create news to make sure your business is noticed by those who matter.

Unlike other agencies, we are also happy to assist and advise in empowering you to be able to do this yourself.

Some clients we work with

ALTITUDE MEDIA services a diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors from retail, small, medium and large corporates, professional service companies, shopping centres, mining companies, construction companies and national and international manufacturers.

Let’s make things happen

What are you waiting for? Our public relations services can provide you that lift your business or company needs. We’re just a call or an email away.

“Our company brochures, documents, social media and company blogs for our website needed a huge makeover. We engaged the team at Altitude Media who took the time to understand our company first and then produced an amazing suite of materials that make us truly stand out when we submit tenders. We are getting noticed and winning more work.”

Craig Woods

Managing Director, Roadside Services and Solutions

Yolanda Torrisi - Altitude Media
Yolanda Torrisi
Principal Consultant